The Oriel Group


Supporting Clients Transform Globally for over Two Decades

The Oriel Groups approach to innovation, takes into consideration the needs of your Customers and Colleagues, along with the Technology, Operations and Systems requirements, for the overall success of your Customers, Colleagues and Shareholders.

The Oriel Group is made up of our 3 specialist Brands that can offer People resourcing Solutions through ea change, Technology Solutions and Business Consulting through Limehouse Consulting, jointly offering the traditional Change Management Services, complimented by the People Side of Change approach from Transformation Partners ensuring a rounded and successful Change Programme for all parties.

our services

Behavioural change

We are focused on creating the right mind-set in your team by aligning targets, measuring performance, as well as adjusting financial and non-financial rewards to make them consistent with the new processes and systems.

strategy & technology

Limehouse Consulting can bring a combination of world-class technology solutions designed by experienced business practitioners along with deep industry expertise to help organisations get the most out of their Systems and Processes.

resourcing experts

We source the best skills needed  from Individual Change Team Members – either Permanently or on an assignment basis through to large teams in whatever way makes sense for your Change Portfolio.

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